Clobber pest spray safe for you, your pets

March 18, 2019

I got a call from a customer last week that I want to share with you. He had just bought a ranch and he said that they had seen scorpions in the cabin. His wife announced, “I’m not coming back until you get rid of those awful things!” Well he loves his wife so he called me desperate to find a pest control that would kill scorpions. Scorpions are the toughest to kill, and if you have ever lain down at night and put your hand under your pillow and got “HIT” you leave nothing undone getting rid of them.

Clobber is a spray that will do just that! And it will kill any other bug that tries to walk across your floor and makes you cringe. So that means roaches, ants, silverfish, pill bugs, water bugs, crickets, spiders and things that crawl, will be “history” in your home. And the great part about Clobber is that it will also kill flying bugs including house flies, mosquitoes, fruit flies and gnats.

But — and this is a real big BUT — it’s safe for you and your sweet pets! Clobber is water-based so that means when you spray your home, it won’t smell like chemical bug spray. Clobber is crystal clear so it will not stain carpeting or upholstery. And you can spray a 1,500-square-foot home in 10 minutes and be done for 60-90 days. A can of Clobber costs less than $12, and you can spray your house at least twice with one aerosol can.

Here is how I use it — before I go to work I put my puppy in my car, and then I spray the inside of my house which takes me about five minutes. I quickly spray under my sinks, along the baseboards, windows, doorways (both inside and outside) and then I spray the bottom of my pantry. I spray a perimeter of Clobber all inside my house, and then I move to the garage. I don’t want critters in my garage because I love to work in my garage during the spring. That’s it! It’s that simple, and I don’t give it a second thought for 90 days. And when I get home from work, there is no smell and no bugs, and I know when I put my dog down he is as safe as in my arms!

Now to the email …

Question: We love your articles in the paper in Conroe, and I have a question for you. We have yellowish splatter stains on our stainless steel stovetop. Also, stains are on the convection toaster oven and oven window. I think it’s from grease. How can I get rid of the stains safely?

Answer: Holy Cow is completely safe. They make three products. One formula is for glass, one is an all-purpose cleaner, and one is a concentrated cleaner and degreaser. And it’s the concentrated cleaner that I want you to use on the grease stains. Holy Cow has no odor, and it’s biodegradable. You can use it on any surface. Spray the stain and let it work for a minute and then wipe clean. If it’s a tough stain, you might have to spray and clean twice. I like using a woven sponge because it is non-scratch.


If you have a Vent a Hood filter that is filled with grease, don’t replace it ... let it soak on a cookie sheet filled with Concentrated Holy Cow. Then rinse it thoroughly in hot water, and let it dry.

Question: We have a place in the country and the toilet tanks look awful. They are yellow from the water, and I don’t know how to keep them clean. I have tried everything and nothing budges the stains. The worst part is that the stains are in the bowl, too. I know my toilet is clean, but it doesn’t look like it. What do you think I can do?

Answer: Use Instant Power Tank Cleaner. Pour it in the tank, stir it around, and let it work overnight. In the morning it will be clean and white. Use Delete Germ in the bowl.

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