Letter: Blanket cuts to entitlements would be devastating

November 11, 2018

Our national debt is growing. Spending cuts are needed. “Entitlement spending is the place to start” is what I am hearing.

In the disability world, entitlement includes group homes, supported employment, public education, community education, community recreation, and more. These services allow people with disabilities to be included into our society and have meaningful lives. When I discuss this entitlement for disabled persons with others, I don’t generally get disagreement. We live in America! Helping disabled people … who is against that?

In my own personal world of entitlements, I think of Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, VA benefits. I’ve paid into the system. I’ve earned these benefits, right? This is America. Helping hard-working citizens. Who is against that?

Entitlement spending will be cut. From where? From whom? I believe we have a responsibility as civil, compassionate human beings to make sure our most vulnerable population is cared for and supported. I am terrified of the cuts that loom large for disadvantaged people. Blanket cuts will be devastating to those that need it most. We closed the Rochester State Hospital decades ago. Do we want to go back there?

No! We don’t. This is America. Isn’t it?

Arne Fickler, Rochester

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