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Grand Jury Investigates Contributions

April 14, 1992

PHILADELPHIA (AP) _ A federal grand jury is investigating charges that a congressman or his former campaign manager cashed and pocketed checks meant as campaign contributions, a newspaper reported today.

More than 20 of Rep. Gus Yatron’s contributors received subpoenas last week as the grand jury sought canceled checks written between 1986 and 1990, Yatron’s top assistant, Joseph P. Gemmell, told The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The 64-year-old Democrat, who’s retiring in December after 24 years in Congress, has accused his former campaign treasurer, Elwood J. Broad, of taking cash from the campaign. The two had a falling out in 1990.

Broad, who also confirmed the grand jury probe, told the Inquirer he cashed the checks but Yatron took the money.

Federal election laws require contributions to be put in certain accounts and all disbursements to be accounted for. House rules say members can’t convert contributions to personal use.

Broad told the newspaper the FBI interviewed him in 1991 about Broad’s charge that Yatron demanded a $700 kickback to keep his job. Yatron denies the charge.

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