TC Line: Drilling Under Open Space

December 5, 2018

Larimer drilling

Now Larimer County has sold its soul to the oil and gas people for $594,000, so they can drill under a preserved open space , on a working farm. How sad.

The media’s fault

With the death of George H.W. Bush, we are hearing about how he was part of a kinder and gentler time. Well that is the fault of the media. They are the ones who have created all of this ugliness. I was around during Bush’s time, and they trashed him every chance they got. Why? Because he was a Republican.

Shame on TC

• Shame on you, editor of the Times-Call, for choosing to run such a distasteful political cartoon on the same day as former President Bush’s funeral ceremony. By running this so-called political satire, you continually divide our nation, one that so much needs to come together. It is quite obvious this newspaper cannot be an impartial voice in our community.

• On this day of remembrance for a universally credited, bipartisan president, this paper chose to publish a divisive cartoon from the Star Tribune. Shame on the Tribune and the Times-Call. This nation will not advance with such negative journalism.

Foreigners voting

If the Democrats do not want foreigners or Russians involved in our elections, why do they think it’s just fine for illegals to be able to vote?

Trump’s tax returns

It’s good to keep up with what the colleges in the area are up to. After all, education is the most important thing we can gain that no one can take away from us. My understanding is that down at the University of Denver, in the Newman Center, a live streaming will be conducted for some period of time with a feed from the latest Mars lander. I’ll bet you that we see Trump’s tax returns scattered across the plains.

Shopping trouble

I get tired of going into stores ... where they have their clerks doing the shopping for customers with their big old buggies and you feel like you’ve got to get the heck out of their way because they’re in a hurry. I’m going to go to different stores.

Hatred corrodes

A quote from Pres. George H.W. Bush’s funeral: “Hatred ... corrodes the container (it’s carried in).”

Editor’s note: Please always double-check quotes, including their sources, before using them in TC Line calls.

Not fake, just the law

Pity the poor fool who occupies the White House. Now he’s obstructing justice with witness tampering. Even if you love the man, you need to read 18 U.S. Code, Section 1512. And that’s not fake news. Someone ought to tell him also that the Justice Department is not his personal legal defense team.

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