Harlingen shelter needs foster volunteers

August 27, 2018

HARLINGEN — For every animal that comes into the Harlingen Humane Society shelter, one has to come out.

Some animals are adopted, fostered or transported to shelters in different cities that have a low number of animals. Those are the lucky ones.

Unfortunately, the shelter receives many animals every day, so the ones who don’t leave the shelter eventually end up on the euthanasia list. Last year, a combined total of 4,817 dogs, cats, kittens and puppies were euthanized.

For most people, that number might create feelings of surprise, concern and sadness. The Humane Society said it’s possible to lower those numbers, but it greatly needs the public’s help by making donations, volunteering at the shelter and, especially, in fostering animals.

“People come in and adopt, but you don’t get that many people for the number of animals that are coming in on a daily basis,” Humane Society shelter manager Misael Lerma said. “So, we have to euthanize a majority of the animals.”

When one animal comes in, one has to go. The difficult part is choosing which one. Sick, injured and aggressive animals are the first ones to be placed on the euthanasia list. Healthy animals are chosen as a last resort. However, Lerma said even “healthy adoptable animals are euthanized all of the time.”

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