Dave Tunnell: The real problem

October 2, 2018


Everyone has watched part of the confirmation hearings and virtually everyone has an opinion. Usually, those opinions are in line with the positions of many of the folks in their preferred political party. I am not all that different. I believe both Dr Ford and Judge Kavanaugh are telling the truth as they know it. Unlike the Sunday editorial from Michael Reagan, I think it is Dr Ford who has the clear recollection and Judge Kavanaugh is the one with the impaired memory. I think both their lives have been damaged. If Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed, I believe his partisan outburst Thursday will forever cast a shadow on his rulings.

I do not believe Democrats conspired with Dr Ford to get her to make false accusations. (She clearly had to call upon her reserves of courage to come forward.) However, I do believe they are willing to draw this process out as long as possible. Under no conditions will they be able to draw this out as long as the Republicans did consideration of the nomination of Merritt Garland. Thus, the pious outcries against obstructionism are more than a little hollow.

There have been a large number of postings on social media to the effect that people are deeply offended that a man of fine character might be falsely accused of sexual assault. Let’s think of the numbers for a moment. Research tells us that something in the range of at least 80 percent of women are sexually assaulted in their lifetime. We know that a very high percentage of these assaults are never reported to authorities.

Now the question is how many men are actually accused of sexual assault? (My guess is less than 10 percent.) How many of those accused men are accused falsely? If we really look at those numbers, it becomes apparent that we have a problem with sexual assaults in the USA and that problem is not false accusations of rape.

Dave Tunnell

Lake Havasu City

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