Sexual assault claim is Hail Mary -- Gary L. Kriewald

September 20, 2018

The accusations of sexual misconduct against Judge Brett Kavanaugh represent the Democrats’ desperate but totally predictable Hail Mary ploy.

They’re wagering the country has been so cowed by the #MeToo movement that any charge of sexual misconduct, no matter how trivial or decades-old, is enough to ruin the life of the alleged perpetrator and, in this case, to deny him his rightful place on the Supreme Court.

It’s also the latest case of a blameless adulthood being negated by one youthful indiscretion, at least according to the perverted moral calculus of the left. Another case, closer to home, is the posthumous attacks on Porter Butts, whose one youthful brush with racism was enough to earn him a Stalinist-style erasure from the history of UW-Madison, despite his 40 years of devotion and service to that institution.

If there was ever a perfect moment to take a stand against this sort of coercion, it’s now. There’s plenty of time to investigate these flimsy, last-minute charges after Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Gary L. Kriewald, Madison

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