The Building Blocks of Healthy Teeth

February 24, 2019

Children at Building Blocks Preschool & Kindergarten in Tewksbury are learning the importance of taking care of their teeth at a very young age, and they got some help from dental assistants from the office of Dr. Steven C. Demetriou Pediatric Dentistry of Tewksbury. They taught the kids how to care for their teeth, how to brush correctly, and the importance of going to the dentist regularly. Pictured with Certified Dental Assistant Jen Capozzi, back left, and Licensed Dental Assistant Kathy Economopoulos are students Lucas Alicea, Sylvia Shay, Olivia Gil, Emma Ngan-Perez, Jack Durkin, Brianna Ghali, Bentley Frongillo, Brynne Kaulbach, Braydon Parnaby, Eleanor Branco, Vivian Shanley, Cara McCabe, Jake Ventre, Nizayha Hernandez, Zainab Mansaray, Ellie Heibel, Kellan Thurston, Keira Pollard and Benjamin Newell. COURTESY PHOTO