Inmersión en Español: West Florence Spanish Club donates teaching tools to Delmae

November 27, 2018

FLORENCE, S.C. – The West Florence High School Spanish Club visited Delmae Heights Elementary School on Monday to donate Spanish teaching tools to the Spanish Immersion program.

West Florence High School Spanish teacher Griselda Milligan and the club visited Delmae to deliver the donation.

During their visit, Brandy Nutter’s first-grade class sang two Spanish songs to the club. The club also visited various classrooms, such as Anelise Garcia’s kindergarten class, where West Florence freshman Mary Tindall read a book in Spanish to students.

The club sold candy to classmates to raise money for the supplies, Milligan said.

After raising the money, Milligan purchased items from the Spanish teachers’ wish lists through Amazon, such as vocabulary flash cards and interactive learning games, she said.

Jenalee Shepard, the coordinator for the Spanish immersion program, said the teachers made the lists based on items they needed for their classes.

“They were able to fill the entire wish list by selling candy,” Shepard said.

Shepard said the school is always looking for materials to use, because it is hard to find teaching resources in Spanish, and some of them are expensive.

“We had to do some searching and looking,” Shepard said. “A lot of the items are pricey, which is why we don’t have a lot of those things.”

The donation will help with small-group activities, as well as overall class instruction. Students also will be able to use some of the resources at home. In addition to getting learning games and vocabulary cards, the program received some books that students can take home and read with their families and return to school.

Milligan said she met Shepard through her friend Anelisa Garcia, who is a kindergarten Spanish teacher at Delmae, and wanted to help the program.

“Trying to help other people learn Spanish is a great purpose,” Milligan said.

Sophomore Emily King visited Delmae with the Spanish club.

“It’s very cool to see how Spanish is brought into the school, because we didn’t have this opportunity,” King said.

King said she enjoyed getting to see the students’ reactions to their visit.

The Spanish Immersion program consists of 48 students in kindergarten, first grade and second grade, according to Shepard.

The students spend half of their day learning social studies, math and science in Spanish. During the other half of the day, students learn English and language arts in English.

Shepard said the program began in 2016 with kindergarten, and each year Delmae adds a new grade to the program.

Shepard said after Delmae expands the Spanish Immersion program to all grades, they will eventually grow the program to the next level of school.

Shepard said the program has seen a lot of success since its inception. She said most of the students are reading on grade level in both Spanish and English.

“Typically, they don’t predict that to happen until third grade, but with our second graders right now, the majority of them are reading on grade level in both languages,” Shepard said.

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