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Man Killed By Crocodiles in Australia

December 24, 1993

SYDNEY, Australia (AP) _ A man swimming in a river was killed by two crocodiles as his wife and daughter watched from shore, police said.

Cassey Bond, 48, swam out to assist a ferry that broke down Thursday in the Jardine River in Australia’s remote Cape York Peninsula region, police spokesman Gary Burkin said.

″Witnesses saw two separate swells of water each side of the man, before seeing a large crocodile come up,″ Burkin said.

Bond was dragged down and did not resurface. His body was later recovered from the river.

This is crocodile mating season, which makes them more likely to attack, the National Parks and Wildlife Service in Queensland said.

″He may have been attacked as a result of a bull crocodile guarding its territory,″ Burkin said.

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