Wm. L. Davidson: Auto license fee abuse

January 26, 2019

Editor: In the Today’s News-Herald a few weeks ago, I found that Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has been studying the tax policies of that Marxist nanny state west of us — California. These are idiotic tax policies that raise the relicense fee to $32 for each vehicle.

This is a typical California rip off. Especially since the Governor stated in Today’s News-Herald: “We have a surplus of state funds.”

Really? Fix it Mr. Ducey, or I would think staying in office for the next term would be a total waste of your time. This is your own mess.

Some states have “permanent”-issue plates. You can buy those plates and use them in this state if you have property here and do not have a employer here. Then you will not need a local driver’s license, but only the one of your home state that you use when you are here.

If you are a permanent Arizona resident, and are retired, or not employed anywhere in Arizona, you can have or own a vehicle licensed in another state. I am looking for a state now. This is nothing more than a damn tax, and an underhanded one at that, especially since the state is very well off. This is as bad as the Lake Havasu Unified School District, with $8 million being dumped into nothing more than a playground. We are too close to California, the Marxist tax policies are drifting over here. Tax, spend, and destroy, a liberal mantra. This country is heading for civil unrest, and quite possibly, a revolution. Better get on the ball Mr. Ducey, your country club office is about to collapse.

Wm. L. Davidson

Lake Havasu City

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