Huntington mom arrested after child paralyzed

April 9, 2019

The Herald-Dispatch

HUNTINGTON - A Huntington woman is accused of abusing her child to the point of fracturing the 2-year-old’s skull.

Tiffany Best, 22, was arrested Monday afternoon and is charged with child abuse resulting in injury.

Best’s 2-year-old child was admitted to a local hospital March 31 with a skull fracture and two brain bleeds. Detectives interviewed Best at the time and she allegedly told them her three children were playing in a bedroom while she watched TV, according to the criminal complaint. Best said she had not seen them in 20 minutes when she heard one cry. When she entered the bedroom, she found the 2-year-old unresponsive.

Best claimed her 4-year-old son admitted to striking the 2-year-old twice in the head with a metal bar.

Monday, detectives returned to the hospital and spoke with the doctor providing care for the child. According to the complaint, the doctor said the child presented non-responsive with concerns for intracranial hemorrhage which was non-operative, and scans eventually showed signs of stroke.

The doctor said the shear force that would be required to inflict such wounds was not something another child could do. The doctor said it could be caused from anoxia, an absence of oxygen, or drowning, but given the damage was on one side of the brain, those were unlikely. The doctor believes the cause to be from blunt-force, shaking or being thrown, but most likely a combination of the three given the fracture’s location and the distribution of the injury, according to the complaint.

Best is currently being housed in the Western Regional Jail on $250,000 cash-only bond.