Mayor George Is Leader For Future

May 4, 2019

Editor: I read with both irony and interest the letter regarding the race for mayor of Wilkes-Barre (April 14). The fact is, we have a candidate who as a previous council member, voted continuously with the previous administration, kicking the can down the road. Mayor Tony George is the one who has made the tough calls on city finances that have kept it from the brink of disaster. The neighborhoods have been filled with city workers and volunteers making things better. Engaging with civic leaders? Mayor George and his people do that on a regular basis. Fixing a broken infrastructure? If Mr. Brown has “a plan,” why didn’t he announce it when he was on council rather than rubber stamping everything. Roads? A cheap political shot. Scott Street paving is currently going on. Just what does Mr. Brown propose to do differently to fix the roads the utility companies wreck? Crisis on competence? My neighbors see an organized effort to fix things right so we won’t go down this road again. Reducing a salary? A stunt that saves a pittance in a huge budget. And oh by the way, by combining petitions and using grants, Mayor George has saved more than that. Let’s not forget that old saying, “You get what you pay for” and I respectfully submit that Mayor George is the leader for the city now and most importantly, for the future. The rocket has launched, let’s not shut off the engines in midair by electing someone who runs his campaign on the negative and has no substantial specifics of his own. Let’s vote for the leader not the whiner. Jane Tolomello WILKES-BARRE