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Taiwan-U.S. Trade Talks Deadlocked

April 10, 1992

TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) _ Trade talks between between Taiwan and the United States ended in deadlock Friday over a U.S. request Taipei speed its crackdown on pirated computers, an official said.

During the five-day talks, the American delegation asked Taiwan customs to inspect all computers for possible infringement of American copyrights before export.

Taiwanese officials rejected the request, saying such piece-by-piece inspection would be time-consuming and difficult to implement, said Teng Teh, a member of the Taiwan delegation.

Last year, Taiwan exported $6 billion worth of computers, nearly 40 percent of which went to the United States.

″We recognize the need to find more effective ways to prevent infringements, but this will take time,″ Teng said.

Currently, Taiwanese computer firms must present to authorities documents that show they did not infringe on U.S. copyrights. But American officials say they often use fake authorizations from U.S. computer companies.

Teng said Taiwan would work out a plan to protect intellectual property rights next week to prevent possible trade retaliation from Washington.

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