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July 9, 1988

MILWAUKEE (AP) _ You’ve got to have art and it shouldn’t be confused with pornography, a Kenosha woman contends.

So she is challenging an obscenity law in hopes of helping other artists after she was forced to put her wooden sculpture of a nude man and woman under wraps.

Marta Brewer, 31, filed a suit last week in U.S. District Court here asking the court to declare unconstitutional a Kenosha ordinance because it infringes on her First Amendment rights to free expression.

″The reason I filed the suit was partly for myself and partly for all the artists who I’m sure don’t appreciate censorship,″ Brewer said.

Eunice Z. Edgar, executive director of the Wisconsin Civil Liberties Union, said the ordinance wrongly places Brewer’s sculpture ″in the same category as hard-core″ pornography.

Brewer displayed the life-size sculptures with some of her oil paintings in May in front of her home. Police said the sculpture of the nude figures has movable joints and can assume a sexual position and thus violated the ordinance barring the public display of explicit sexual material.

Although she conceded that the figures can assume a sexual position, Brewer said smut was not the main focus of the work and that the figures never were displayed in a sexual position.


WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, N.J. (AP) - They call it ″canuding″ and it’s part of National Nude Weekend.

Michael Gesner and about 30 friends plan to celebrate with a canoeing trip on the Delaware River Sunday in the nude.

″Being a naturist has to do with feeling good about yourself,″ said the 42-year-old Gesner, head of two nudist groups.

Gesner and members of the Tri-State Sun Club and Tri-State Metro Naturist Inc. said they’ll gather at the Delaware Water Gap National Recreational Area for fun in the sun on a 40-mile stretch of the river between the Pennsylvania communities of Stroudsburg and Shawnee.

As for other people who might encounter the ″canudists,″ Gesner said, ″If they haven’t seen us already, they’ve heard of us. And because of the canoes, they can only see the top half.″

National Nude Weekend, sponsored by The Naturist Society of Oshkosh, Wis., and The American Sunbathing Association of Kissimmee, Fla., will also feature political discussions in the nude in Alabama, square dances in the buff in Massachusetts and nude sky diving in Georgia.

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