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France Election: Quotes

April 21, 2002

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Reactions to the first round of the French presidential election:

``There is a dramatic state of insecurity in our country, and those responsible for it, the people have understood, are Jospin and Chirac.″ _ Far-right candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen.


``I call on all French men and women to gather up to defend human rights. At risk is our national cohesion, the values of the Republic.″_ President Jacques Chirac.


``I plainly assume responsibility for this failure. ... And I draw the conclusions in withdrawing from political life after the end of the presidential election.″ _ Prime Minister Lionel Jospin.


``It’s shameful for France.″_ Jean Thouard, 41, an accountant in Paris.


``That’s not possible. It’s unbelievable. We were all expecting a duel between Jospin and Chirac.″_ Agathe Romon, 17, a student in Paris.


``I am very pleased. It will finally change things. It shows that the French are tired of being taken for idiots.″_ Dominique Galles, a Le Pen supporter.

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