Right didn’t build bridges with Obama -- Robert Barger

September 6, 2018

The letter to the editor Aug. 23 ” Left should work on building bridges ” chastised the left for engaging in unnecessary hyperbole and using derogatory language whenever talking about the president.

Was the author sleeping during the last six years of Barack Obama’s presidency? During that time, nearly all of the legislation endorsed by the president was obstructed, culminating in Senate Majority Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., refusing to allow a vote on a U.S. Supreme Court nominee. How is that an example of “working together?”

I agree working toward a compromise involves efforts on both sides. But when Republicans in Congress refuse to even acknowledge President Donald Trump’s obvious failings, this is difficult. Trump has been proven a liar, has admitted paying a porn star to cover up an alleged extramarital affair, and the list goes on. A recent example is his threat to shut down the government if Congress doesn’t agree to have U.S. taxpayers pay for the wall with Mexico.

It would benefit everyone for our representatives to put country and principle ahead of party and stand up to the president. Perhaps then we can all start moving toward some sort of functional government.

Robert Barger, Columbus

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