Voice of the People: Children a gift not to be discarded

May 19, 2019

News flash -- We need replacement children for the adults aging and dying.

That’s right, as much as we deny it, we need the little rugrat, ankle-biters cluttering up our lives.

The last couple of days the news blurb has been, that we aren’t replacing ourselves fast enough to sustain our population in the U.S.A. (Same is true for Western Europe, Russia and much of the developed world.)

Guess what else won’t be sustained? -- Our Western culture.

That’s not important?

Who else, what other civilizations have promoted and spread Christianity which has led to the greatest burst of freedom and prosperity the world has ever seen?

We not only aren’t procreating, we are aborting many of the ones we conceive. Add to that the idea that casual sex demands that we take precautions not to conceive and the problem grows worse.

Casual sex is what has caused the current spate of unmarrieds living together, hook-up sex and other irresponsible uses of a sacred act.

It also, since we don’t always take precautions, leads to a lot of unwanted pregnancies.

But, we don’t want pregnancies even though in Psalm 127 it states clearly, “Children are the gift of God.”

Which is it America?

Are children a gift to be cherished, nurtured and tutored to take their place as replacements for their parents or inconveniences to be disposed of at will?

Alabama’s new abortion law designed to test Roe v. Wade may help clarify the issue.

I think, no I know, that it will take the Church of God unashamed of His Word to settle the argument.

Ron Hansen


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