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New Hollywood Glamour: Demi Moore Naked and Pregnant on Vanity Fair Cover

July 10, 1991

NEW YORK (AP) _ Actress Demi Moore appears naked and pregnant on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine’s August edition, with one hand under her bulging belly and the other across her exposed breasts.

Both her baby and her next film, ″The Butcher’s Wife,″ are expected in late August. She and her husband, actor Bruce Willis, already have a daughter, Rumer, who is almost 3.

Photographer Annie Leibovitz told USA Today in today’s editions that the photo session with Moore was ″very natural. ... I thought she was more beautiful like that than with her clothes on.″

Inside the magazine, there are three more revealing photos of the pregnant Moore, known for her appearances in films such as ″Ghost″ and ″St. Elmo’s Fire.″

One shows the 28-year-old actress with her hands on her abdomen wearing a sexy black brassiere and panties and high-heeled shoes; another shows her in a robe with her belly exposed; the third shows her in a head-and-shoulders shot with her hands over her bare breasts.

″Pregnancy agrees with me,″ she told Vanity Fair. ″I feel comfortable.″

Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown told USA Today that the cover ″breaks the mold of every stereotype of celebrity glamour″ and shows that ″there is nothing more glorious than the sight of a woman carrying a child.″

Moore’s other pictures include ″About Last Night,″ ″Blame It On Rio,″ and ″Mortal Thoughts.″

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