Our View: Thumbs up to tournament volunteers

December 30, 2018

Sports tournaments are big business in Rochester during the holiday season.

Tournaments bring hundreds of visitors who stay in local hotels, eat at local restaurants, shop at local stores and tank up their vehicles at local gas stations. And there’s a good chance many of them go home talking about Rochester hospitality.

But it wouldn’t happen without the countless volunteers who give their time during this busy season to make these tournaments happen. The hockey, basketball and wrestling events this week and next are packed full of athletes, families, fans — and volunteers who act as ushers, scorekeepers, ticket-sellers and any other job that needs to be done.

They help turn these sports events into a showcase for our community.

Thumbs Down to losing a seat

In the game of musical chairs that is representation in Congress, Minnesota might get caught without a seat after the 2020 census.

That’s because while Minnesota’s population is growing, it’s not growing quite as fast as some other states. Since representation in the U.S. House of Representatives is on a proportional basis, Minnesota could find itself reduced to seven seats in the House.

It’s the best possible reason to make sure every resident of Minnesota is counted in the 2020 census.

Thumbs up to Winona State’s Education Village

Innovative ways to train prospective teachers are being developed at Winona State University, where a $31.2-million Education Village is nearing completion.

The Education Village is designed to get student teachers into the classroom as soon as possible during their college career, rather than wait until the final semester of their senior year. The goal, said WSU President Scott Olson, is to put Minnesota in the forefront of teacher training. Included in the project is the renovation of three historic buildings into teacher training centers.

While the program is located in Winona, it will affect all of southeastern Minnesota. That’s because many of WSU’s education graduates end up teaching in this region. As a result, local students will benefit as well from the training that takes place at WSU’s Education Village.

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