NEW YORK (AP) _ Mayor Edward I. Koch claims a hotel partly owned by his longtime nemesis, billionaire developer Donald Trump, owes the city $2.8 million under a lease agreement, but a state agency is cool to the idea.

The mayor said Tuesday he had asked the state to demand payment from the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

Harold Holzer, spokesman for the state Urban Development Corp., which acts as the city's agent in the lease arrangement, said the UDC wants an independent auditor to make sure the case is ''separate from City Hall's relationship with Donald Trump.''

The hotel issued a statement calling the city's claim a ''blatantly political attack'' and ''one last cheap shot'' at Trump by Koch.

''Totally untrue,'' the mayor responded.

Koch said an audit ''reveals disturbing accounting practices that we want rectified.'' He said the audit was initiated ''without my knowledge.''

The hotel's statement characterized the issue as ''a dispute amongst accountants and attorneys over technical accounting determinations and legal interpretations.''

Karen Burstein, the city's auditor general, said that in 1985, Hyatt revenue reached $78 million and the operating partnership paid $3.7 million as percentage rental. But the following year, she said, revenue rose to $79.9 million and rental paid to the city fell to $667,155 under new accounting procedures.