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My dogs have trained me

By Hersch Wilson | For the New MexicanMay 16, 2019

It was 11 p.m. and I was in a dusty and somewhat creepy attic of the science building at the college I attended.

It was just a couple of dozen pigeons and me. At the time, I was a psychology major, and my task that night was to train “my pigeon” how to turn 360 degrees. As I was taught, I did this progressively. After an hour or so, it was working. The pigeon would turn, and I would feed it a treat. I kept at it for another hour, somewhat mind-numbingly. Turn. Treat. Turn. Treat.

But then in that daze of a college kid with not enough sleep, I got to thinking: Maybe it wasn’t me that was training the pigeon. Maybe, just maybe, the pigeon was teaching me.

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