Minneapolis police squads will carry message of immigrant rights

October 10, 2018

The back seat of every Minneapolis police squad will soon display a message in English and Spanish: You have the right to remain silent about your place of birth, immigration status and everything else.

Mayor Jacob Frey has promised to keep Minneapolis safe for immigrants as federal authorities ramp up enforcement of immigration laws. After mentioning the placards in his State of the City speech in May, Frey held a news conference Wednesday to reveal them to the public.

Right now, cities have to step up and do what our federal administration and Congress wont, said Frey. We will not let this lack of compassion at the highest levels of our government prevent us from doing what is right for our immigrant communities here in Minneapolis.

Police union head Lt. Bob Kroll has been a consistent critic of the plan, and said rank-and-file officers want to enforce immigration laws.

With 200 shooting victims in the city year to date, the political response is to be sure and advise people who are here ILLEGALLY of their rights, while in the back of a squad car, Kroll said in a statement Wednesday. Its simply insane. Thankfully we are less than four weeks from elections and we can possibly begin to restore the safety of our citizens with help at the state level.

Addressing past comments from Kroll on immigration, Frey said the union heads words run counter to everything we stand for in Minneapolis.

Frey said Police Chief Medaria Arradondo supports adding the placards, and hes talked to other officers who share his enthusiasm.

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