Lewisville finalizes ordinances

August 2, 2018

The Lewisville City Council concluded its readings on a few ordinance amendments July 11, after suspending the second and third readings of the bills.

According to draft minutes from the meeting, the council voted to bypass the second and third readings of Bills 2018-5, 2018-6, 2018-7 and 2018-4.

Bill 2018-5 addressed increasing Mayor George Judd’s salary to $300 per month starting January 1, 2019. After unanimously voting to suspend the second and third readings, the council approved the adoption of the ordinance.

“(City Clerk) Donetta (Fife) will rename the bill as the next consecutive ordinance and amend all Code books and update the Code on the website. (Ordinance 2018-3),” draft minutes state.

Bill 2018-6 (Ordinance 2018-4) addressing Title 8, Chapter 8, Subsection 8.B modifying penalties for violations of Title 8 to include infractions was presented and minor word changes were approved. After approving the wording changes, the council adopted the ordinance.

Bill 2018-7 (Ordinance 2018-5) now allows the city to tow unlicensed automobiles, automobile body parts, vehicles or items of machinery that are not licensed with a current registration or are not in operable condition, from the city right-of-way.

The bill states that the owner has seven days to remove the automobile after a violation notice is posted. If it’s not removed with seven days, it will be towed at the owner’s expense.

After a couple minor wording changes, the council unanimously approved the ordinance.

Lastly, Bill 2018-4 (Ordinance 2018-6) addressed dog licensing, non-commercial kennel licensing and commercial kennel licensing within city limits.

“A discussion was held with regard to dog numbers required for each type of license and percentage of adjacent resident signatures required to apply for a commercial kennel license,” draft minutes.

After further discussion, it was determined that the zoning ordinance would need to be changed in order to limit the number of dogs for each license and to set zoning restrictions. In order to modify the ordinance, a public hearing will need to be held, which is scheduled for Aug. 8.

Because the other changes were administrative and “proper” for the amendment, the council voted to bypass the second and third readings of the ordinance. The ensuing vote to adopt the ordinance passed after a tie breaking vote by Judd.

Councilman Del Heward and Mark Williamson voted against the adoption.

“Donetta (Fife) will draft a bill to change Zoning Ordinance 8-5-8 and will set up a work meeting for the Council to discuss the particulars,” minutes state.

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