Father and daughter take over popular sandwich shop

September 24, 2018

There was heartbreak in Lincoln two years ago when popular sandwich shop Doozy’s closed its doors there following more than two decades in business, but Columbus has avoided the same fate.

Jeff and Brittany Johnson saw an opportunity when the local Doozy’s shop, 2610 23rd St., went up for sale earlier this year and decided to purchase it. Since late July, the father-and-daughter duo has been working diligently to keep what the two owners said Columbus loves about the shop intact while making some additions.

“I came in here quite a bit because I really like the food. It’s nice to buy a place where you like the product,” said Jeff, who also owns Weldmatic Inc. “I just thought this would be a great little investment.”

Jeff helps with budgeting, marketing and maintenance; however, it’s Brittany at the heart of the operation. The 24-year-old Schuyler native brings her four years of experience working for Subway, including managing the location inside Columbus’ Walmart for two years, with her.

“It’s fun, it’s exciting,” Brittany said, noting she’s in the shop five to six days each week helping her team of just under a dozen people.

That work starts early, as the shop’s oven-baked bread is made fresh daily for its variety of signature subs.

“It’s not the same old, same old,” Jeff assured.

The father and daughter are focused on spreading the word about the restaurant’s expanded menu, which also boasts pizzas (veggie, taco, Hawaiian, bacon cheeseburger, bbq chicken, four meat, chicken alfredo, pepperoni popper, supreme and cheese), as well as a variety of salads, pasta bakes and snacks like cheese garlic bread and sticks.

Those with a sweet tooth are in luck, too, as Doozy’s offers cookies, dessert pizzas and cinnamon sticks.

“The thing I hear from everybody I talked to is, ‘love the food, just kind of forget that it’s there.’ So we want to change that,” Jeff said. “Some days are super busy, other times it isn’t, but it gives us the time to look around and see what we want to change, if anything, and see what we’re doing the best.”

Brittany noted it has been rewarding being able to work in an industry she’s passionate about alongside her father.

“Me and my dad get along fairly well,” she said.

Jeff agreed. He said what has made their working relationship successful is that they each know their role in the business and how to talk with one another about it.

“She does her thing well and I do my thing well,” he said. “She’s doing great. She’s done everything I’ve asked her to do.”

Doozy’s is open 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday-Saturday and 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Sunday. It also caters to companies and business people. Those who would like to take advantage of catering can do so by placing an order above $50 and are asked to give a few days’ notice, especially for large company meetings, so the business can plan to have enough fresh bread on hand. Call 402-564-0005.

Although Lincoln lost its Doozy’s a couple of years back, Columbus won’t have to worry about that happening here, the owners said. Jeff said he knows the people who own the franchise rights to the business and that he’s discussed future options with them. He and Brittany said their plan is to continue to make their current shop thrive in hopes of expanding into more locations in the area.

“I’m hoping we can build it up so eventually, my kids can work here,” Brittany said. “And maybe open up at least another one down the road.”

Jeff had a similar perspective.

“This is not a short-term thing for us,” he said.

Matt Lindberg is the managing editor of The Columbus Telegram. Reach him via email at matt.lindberg@lee.net.

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