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Immigration policy needs to emphasize humanity

Robert Weiner and John BlackMay 26, 2019

With the news that a sixth child has died in U.S. captivity in the past eight months, Sen. Lindsay Graham’s eased deportation legislation but with reports of thousands of immigrants in solitary confinement for no legal reason, and President Donald Trump’s new immigration “reform” executive order, it’s now clear that immigration policy must address humanity, not just legality.

After a decade of low numbers, immigration is on the rise at the southwest border. In February, migration at the U.S.-Mexico border reached an 11-year high with 76,535 people either apprehended or deemed inadmissible by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, or CBP. That high mark didn’t last long, though. In March, migration increased by 35 percent, reaching upward of 103,000. April was more of the same — the CBP report released May 8 shows an increase to just over 109,000. The “crisis” cited by Trump and his allies is not fake.

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