Export officials seek more enforcing from code enforcement officer

October 2, 2018

Export officials encouraged their code enforcement officer to issue citations for residents who violate the borough’s burning ordinance.

Export officials would like their code enforcement officer to do a little more enforcing.

In response to recent citizen complaints regarding violations of the borough’s burning ordinance -- which restricts the days and hours that residents can burn trash -- Mayor Joe Zaccagnini asked if the ordinance needs updated or tweaked in order to be more effective.

Borough solicitor Wes Long said the current ordinance lays out penalties, and the issue is really one of enforcement.

“If you’re not going to issue citations and take people to task, they’re just going to blow you off,” Long said.

Council president Barry Delissio said council needs to encourage code enforcement officer Mike Stack -- who performs enforcement duties as well as building inspections in multiple communities throughout the region -- “to be a little more proactive in some these areas, so we can get the (legal) process started.”

Zaccagnini said Stack’s schedule sometimes makes it difficult to attend the large number of hearings associated with issuing code violations.

“Sometimes, (Export District) Judge (Charles R.) Conway has scheduled those hearings in a consolidated way,” Long said. “He could try and schedule them all on one day during the month, schedule them every 15 minutes, so Mike doesn’t have a 2 p.m. hearing one day, then a 3 p.m. hearing the next.”

Long said that ultimately, enforcing the borough’s ordinances and taking violators to court is the best deterrent, rather than changing and re-advertising an ordinance.

“It doesn’t make a lot of sense spending $500 or $600 on an ordinance if you’re not going to enforce it,” he said.

Stack could not be immediately reached for comment.

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