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Slain TV Actress Buried in Portland

July 24, 1989

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) _ Rebecca Schaeffer, the actress allegedly killed by a fan who stalked her, was buried in her hometown before mourners that included her ″My Sister Sam″ television co-stars.

About 250 people attended the funeral Sunday for the 21-year-old actress, who was shot to death Tuesday at the door to her Los Angeles apartment building.

Robert John Bardo - described as an obsessive fan of the actress who appears in the current movie, ″Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills″ - was arrested in Tucson, Ariz., a day later and charged with the murder. Authorities say he sent numerous letters to Miss Schaeffer.

Among the 250 mourners at Ahavia Shalom Cemetery were Pam Dawber, Joel Brooks and Jenny O’Hara from the television series, which ran from 1986 through 1988. Miss Dawber was accompanied by her husband, film actor Mark Harmon.

At the service, friends read from Miss Schaeffer’s writing. One friend, Brad Silberling, said he wanted to marry Schaeffer.

He sobbed as he told mourners, ″She always said, ‘I want you to hold me so close.’ Please, hold her ‘so close’ in your hearts.″

Rabbi Emanuel Rose told Miss Schaeffer’s parents, Benson and Danna Schaeffer, that they should not be angry at the killer.

″Our experience, over the long run, cannot be one of anger,″ Rose said. ″Anger gets us nowhere.″

Miss Schaeffer’s casket was adorned with a spray of white, blue and mauve flowers gathered with a mauve ribbon.

Copies of poems and thoughts she had written, bound in ith blue or mauve ribbon, were circulated among family members. She wrote of a search for wisdom and love and of being touched by others’ lives, ″to be inspired by the inspired.″

Born in Eugene, Ore., Miss Schaeffer began modeling in Portland at age 14. She left home at 16 to try for a career in New York.

At 19, she won the role of Patti Russell in ″My Sister Sam.″

She had just finished filming ″One Point of View,″ a feature film directed by Dyan Cannon.

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