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Republican Group Asked To Stop Issuing Quasi-Monopoly Cards

September 1, 1988

BEVERLY, Mass. (AP) _ Parker Bros. has asked that a Republican group stop using the ″Get Out of Jail Free″ card from its copyrighted Monopoly game as part of a campaign that takes a swipe at Michael Dukakis and a Massachusetts prison furlough program.

Patricia McGovern, a spokeswoman for Parker Bros., said the College Republican National Committee did not seek the game-maker’s permission to use a replica of the Monopoly card.

″Under no circumstances would he have allowed this,″ she told The Boston Herald on Wednesday. ″We will immediately send them a letter ordering them to cease and desist the copyright infringement.″

The Washington-based committee said it has handed out 100,000 of the cards and planned to issue another 100,000. The card is virtually identical to the ″Get Out of Jail Free″ card included in the popular board game but has the added note: ″Compliments of Michael Dukakis.″

Susan Brackin, executive director of the Republican organization, said the group did not seek permission from Parker Bros. to use the card because ″we’re not selling them. We’re just using them as parody.″

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