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Future of Maine shrimp fishery up for discussion

May 23, 2016

PORTSMOUTH, New Hampshire (AP) — Interstate fishing regulators will meet to discuss what New England’s shuttered coldwater shrimp industry should look like if it reopens.

The little pink shrimp were popular as a grocery store item and with restaurants until regulators shut the fishery down in 2013. Scientists say warming ocean temperatures have made New England waters inhospitable for shrimp.

Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s Northern Shrimp Section will meet in Portsmouth on June 3 to discuss how much participation the fishery might be able to sustain if it reopens. The board will also consider the possibility of limiting entry into the fishery.

The fishery is centered in Maine, but some fishermen land catch in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Fishermen typically caught more than 2,000 metric tons per year before the fishery collapsed in 2013.

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