Most county parks open, but some remain closed after storm

March 6, 2019

Amacher, Pass Creek, Sawyers Rapids, Singleton and O.C. Brown county parks remain closed following last week’s snowstorm. They are without power and still need to be cleared of fallen trees and limbs.

River Forks Park was closed Tuesday morning, but was expected to reopen Tuesday afternoon. The Douglas County Parks Department urges caution for those visiting the park.

Power has been restored to Whistler’s Bend, and it is open, but there are several trees down and the disc golf course has sustained considerable damage, the Parks Department said.

Power has been restored at Umpqua Dunes RV Park, and it is open, but watch for standing water and flooding.

The remaining parks are also open, but watch for downed trees and limbs at many of the parks, and standing water and flooding at South Jetty County Park, Windy Cove Park and Half Moon Bay Park. Some of the parks have power restored, while others still have no power.

For more information, check the Douglas County Parks webpage at co.douglas.or.us/parks/ or call the office at 541-957-7001.