ATHENS, Greece (AP) _ A bus veered out of control Wednesday and plowed into waiting passengers at Athen's central terminal, killing five people and injuring five.

Police said three women aged 20 to 25 were killed, along with a 20-year-old man and a 68-year-old man. One of the five injured was in serious condition, a police spokesman said.

The accident occurred when the bus driver cut in front of another bus as it was pulling into the terminal, witnesses said.

''There was no sound of brakes. The bus just kept on going,'' said Dimitris Karaveris, a newspaper vendor.

Antenna, a private radio station, quoted the driver, Theodoros Politis, as saying his brakes failed and he lost control.

Meanwhile, police reported an intercity bus overturned near the central Greek city of Larissa on Wednesday, injuring 10 people.

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