Truck falls into Fox Lake

January 26, 2019

FOX LAKE --Two men escaped injury early Saturday morning when their vehicle went through the ice on Fox Lake.

The pair were driving in a full size pick-up truck with an attached plow on thin ice. The vehicle fell to the bottom of the lake near Maple Point.

According to Fire Chief Aaron Paul, last week there was open water from Elmwood Island towards Maple Point, and from Elmwood Island towards Clausen Park. There is also an ice heave from the island towards Maple Point.

The Fox Lake Fire Department Ice Rescue Team and EMS responded to the scene but both men had been given a ride back to shore from another fisherman. One of the men did not get wet, the other had wet feet.

Chief Paul urges those venturing onto local lakes to make contact with bait shops or business owners that might be aware of dangerous lake areas.

This event stresses the importance of understanding the ice conditions and knowing that no ice should ever be considered safe, even in extreme cold weather. Springs, dams and aeration equipment on lakes make them very unsafe. Ice conditions can change hourly.

If someone witnesses a person fall through the ice they should call for help immediately. Chief Paul said they should not attempt to go onto the ice, but instead find an object to throw or extend to the victim.

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