Burlington approves zoning change

December 30, 2018

BURLINGTON — The Burlington City Council unanimously approved changes Thursday to zoning and comprehensive plan map designations on nearly 15 acres to allow for vehicle sales and other outdoor uses.

The approval to change the zoning of the land west of Interstate 5 along Goldenrod Road from general commercial (C-1) to heavy commercial (C-2) came after a two-week postponement spurred by concerns from residents of the Markwood Road neighborhood, which lies directly west of the property.

A heavy commercial designation would allow interested travel trailer and camper company Apache Camping Center to move onto the land.

In the weeks leading up to the vote, property owner Miles Schlosberg of I-5 Burlington, LLC met with residents to address their concerns, which included increased traffic and noise, reduced road accessibility, future land use and overgrown trees.

Those discussions led to an agreement on a legal document called a covenant. The covenant attaches to the land and lays out conditions to protect the Markwood Road neighborhood.

As part of the covenant, a buffer zone of trees and shrubs will be planted between the neighborhood and the property to help block noise.

Additionally, a home that was previously included as part of the heavy commercial zone was removed from that designation and is now protected as a single-family residence.

Going forward, anyone who owns the 15 acres of land will have to comply with the conditions set forth in the covenant, said Harold Chesnin, a lawyer for I-5 Burlington, LLC. The covenant went into effect Friday and never expires.

On Thursday, about 15 residents attended the council meeting to endorse the agreement.

“We feel that our concerns have been listened to,” resident Steve Crider said. “We no longer have objections to C-2.”

Residents previously voiced concerns of poor communication from the Burlington Planning Department. Senior Planner Brad Johnson did not respond to questions from the Skagit Valley Herald regarding those concerns.

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