“Unique way to enjoy the day”: North Augusta man starts pedicab business

February 4, 2019

NORTH AUGUSTA — People living in or traveling to North Augusta have a new way to enjoy downtown and the sights along the Savannah River: the River Rock Pedicab.

Chuck Carswell and his family have enjoyed riding their bikes on the Greeneway for a long time, and to enjoy it another way, Carswell purchased a pedicab to give rides to his wife and family. He has now started a business and seeing if there is a market for pedicab trips.

A pedicab is a specially made bike with a seat for two attached behind the pedaler.

Carswell has permission to park his trailer near Maude-Edenfield Park, where he can meet riders and hop on the Greeneway and give tours or joy rides along parts of the Greeneway, Riverside Village and Hammond’s Ferry, he said.

There are no set rates, Carswell is offering “trips for tips,” he said.

Carswell bought his pedicab for his family, but got a business license and decided to see if there was a market for offering lifts.

“I don’t feel like I’ve lost anything because I enjoy it so much, (even if) it doesn’t turn out,” he said.

Carswell said it would be nice for people to see what the city has to offer, mentioning Riverside Village and Hammond’s Ferry.

“I just think especially now with the uniqueness we have taking place down at Riverside Village, you know,” he said. “And you’ve got the river there which is an asset, I think, a tremendous asset … some people really maybe never see. There’s probably a lot of old folks who couldn’t walk that whole area there, I could give them rides there.”

Carswell’s love for riding a bicycle is continued through his pedicab, but started at a young age.

“When I was a child one of the most important days of my life was when I learned to ride a bicycle,” he wrote.

“It was my escape, my race car, fastest horse on the track. A piece of cardboard held on by a clothes pin on my spokes, accompanied by the noise it made, I was riding a Harley. If a bicycle could be called a friend, it was one of my best. Someone said ricing a bicycle is good for the soul. It truly was and is today.”

For appointments, call Carswell at 803-640-9900.

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