Farmers support scientific well study -- Jim Winn

January 24, 2019

Science and farming go hand in hand. Science helps keep the cows healthy, the soil fertile and the food we produce safe.

Science also measures a farm’s impact on the natural resources entrusted to us. It helps us define how we are doing and how we can continuously improve.

This is why farmers in southwestern Wisconsin support a study of groundwater quality in our rural communities. The research, which began in November with well sampling, aims to define the scope of water quality issues, sources and risks in Grant, Iowa and Lafayette counties.

Lafayette Ag Stewardship Alliance, a farmer-led watershed conservation group, has been involved in what’s called the Southwest Wisconsin Groundwater and Geology study from its early stages. LASA is contributing $7,000, about half of Lafayette County’s portion of funding.

Ensuring water quality is a shared community responsibility. Farmers play an important role, given our presence on the land. The existence of LASA, including our support of the study, demonstrates agriculture’s commitment.

The work of the farm group, of which I am chairman, is grounded in science, innovation and collaboration. We are identifying and promoting practices that are environmentally and economically sustainable.

We look forward to taking science-grounded guidance from the water study as we move forward.

Jim Winn, Cottonwood Dairy, South Wayne

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