LAHORE, Pakistan (AP) _ More than one year after her government was thrown out in disgrace, Benazir Bhutto has been charged with three counts of corruption, court officials said Saturday.

The charges allege that Ms. Bhutto and her family illegally accumulated millions of dollars in cash and assets in Switzerland, Britain and France, said Hakim Khan, an official with the commission investigating the charges.

Hearings for the charges against Ms. Bhutto, her husband, Asif Ali Zardari, and her mother, Nusrat Bhutto, will begin on Monday in the eastern Punjab capital of Lahore, officials said.

The former prime minister was sacked in November 1996 on charges of runaway corruption, economic mismanagement and abuse of power. She has denied all the charges and accused Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's government of waging a campaign to destroy her political career.

She has leveled graft charges against Sharif, claiming he permitted business friends to import luxury vehicles without paying tax and failed to declare properties that either he or his family owns abroad.

Zardari has been in jail since Ms. Bhutto's dismissal. He is facing murder charges in the 1996 killing of Ms. Bhutto's estranged brother and political rival, Murtaza Bhutto.

Khan did not say how much the Bhutto family's alleged European assets were worth, but Swiss authorities last year froze bank accounts containing almost $14 million. Some of the assets are in the form of luxury properties in France and Britain, court officials said.