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Newspaper Presidential Endorsements

October 23, 2000

Some excerpts from presidential endorsements:


_ The Santa Fe New Mexican

``The national debate this election centers on how to handle the budget surplus. Both candidates have confused and confounded voters with mathematical equations. The solution is simple. Gore would apply it primarily to the national debt _ freeing future generations of trillion-dollar burdens and allowing investment in a better life for all Americans.″

_ The Atlanta Constitution

``In the end, Gore is much more engaged in the world around him, more willing to do the work needed to comprehend a complex situation, more willing to think things through to the point that a solution is found. Bush is either unwilling to submit to that grind, or incapable of pulling it off. And what’s worse, he appears to know it. He’s running for figurehead; Gore’s running for president.″

_ Las Vegas Sun

``Gore’s policies are more fair, ensuring that all Americans would continue to share in the fruits of this nation’s robust economy.″


_ Lincoln (Neb.) Journal Star

``Bush offers a political philosophy and leadership style that will steer the nation away from unnecessary government growth, help restore honor to the presidency and work toward reducing gridlock in Washington.″

_ The Atlanta Journal

``Despite the many efforts by Democrats to project him as a bumbler, Bush has emerged from months of campaigning and three difficult debates as just what he is: a man of plain integrity, one who fully understands the real nature of the problems facing the United States today and who has both the intelligence and the common sense to know what kinds of remedies would actually work. He’s supported by a vice presidential partner, Dick Cheney, who has solid credentials and didn’t have to repudiate half of his beliefs after being nominated.″

_ Las Vegas Review-Journal

``On issues including entitlements, education, tax policy, the environment, and the role of the federal government, Mr. Bush has put forth innovative proposals that break from the typical beltway perspective. Mr. Gore has largely embraced the status quo.″

_New York Post

``Americans need a president they can trust. Just as Americans need a president who will trust them _ to make the right decisions for themselves on the issues that really count. Issues like tax reduction, public-school choice and Social Security reform. ... George W. Bush _ by virtue of experience, temperament, world view and integrity _ is by far the superior candidate in this race.″

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