Fierce Competition at Sombrero Fest tug-of-war

March 3, 2019

The competition was fierce Saturday as teams competed in the annual tug-of-war at the Sombrero Festival.

A strong crowd gathered as the emcee whipped up the energy for the light-weight championship between teams from Defend 956 and Valley Baptist Medical Center.

“This is a heated match,” the emcee said, as both teams took to the starting line for the IBC Bank light-weight tug-of-war championship.

At the beginning of the match, Valley Baptist nearly pulled Defend 956 over the line to gain the crown.

Team Captain Jo Jo Vela said the team formed at the last minute.

“It’s our first,” Vela said. “Hopefully, we’ll have many more.”

After their triumph, Defend 956 posed for photos in front of the crowd.

“Can’t wait to do it again next year,” Vela said.

Valley Baptist took second and the Toucan Lounge took third.