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Man Gets 196 Years for Molesting Boy

August 8, 1999

PASADENA, Calif. (AP) _ A former sheriff’s deputy once lauded as a hero after being shot in the face in the line of duty was sentenced to 196 years in prison for molesting a 7-year-old boy last year.

James Jewsbury received the maximum possible sentence after investigators testified that he had molested dozens of children going back 35 years, including his son and daughter, their friends, his foster children and kids he coached in youth sports leagues.

``This is the only way that society in general, and young children specifically, can be protected from him,″ said Superior Court Judge Victor Person.

Person imposed three consecutive 25 years-to-life sentences, doubled them under the state’s three-strikes law, and added to that a sentence of 46 years and four months. There is no possibility of parole.

Jewsbury, 57, was sentenced June 30.

Jewsbury left the San Bernardino County sheriff’s office in 1978 after he was shot in the face while responding to a domestic violence call. The wounds destroyed his right eye and left him scarred and brain damaged.

Defense attorney Charles Maple claimed his client began molesting children as a result of brain damage from the shooting.

But investigators say he had been molesting children 15 years earlier and the brain damage only made him less careful about the victims he chose.

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