Dave Pote: The dangers of motorcycle riding

May 9, 2019

Editor: I have been riding a motorcycle since the 1970s, so I know something about the subject. I wear a helmet and leather gloves, which is my choice to do. My head is softer than pavement and if I go down leather gloves might help grind off less skin.

More and more I see riders traveling in the same lane riding side by side. Is this God’s way of strengthening the gene pool? I think so.

All it takes is one of them to become distracted for an instant and both machines touch or bump. One or both riders will instinctively try to overcorrect, immediate instability will be created, and then they slam together. This happens every time. The higher the speed, the closer those riders and their passengers will come to God … after they bleed out, of course.

The only time I am next to another vehicle is when I am stopped at a traffic light. I never, ever ride next to anything. I speed up or drop back. More people who ride motors should practice this simple defensive driving strategy.

If you choose, wear a helmet and leather gloves.

Dave Pote

Mohave Valley