Michael Anenberg: National debt? What national debt?

January 13, 2019

Editor: I’ve noticed lately that people are writing in to the editor concerned about America’s debt. What’s there to worry about? Debt means nothing these days. There hasn’t been any dollar discipline since 1913 and now our dollar is nearly worthless really.

Hey! The 5 billion for the needed wall can simply be entered into the system with a “click” of a mouse.

Five billion? That’s a grain of sand on the beach. Just print it into existence! Simple. It’s been going on since 2008 anyway. Don’t you people know the facts? Hundreds of trillions have been printed globally and it continues.

No one cares about debt anymore. Oh, it’s a glaring problem for sure. And this bubble will inevitably “pop” soon. But as long as the beer is cold and Fantasy Football thrives, the game of musical chairs will continue.

Until it doesn’t. And then my friends, if you’re not prepared for the consequences, woe to you and your paper-based wealth. This zombie-bank, debt-based, paper, Ponzi scheme known as “the dollar” will disappears into worthlessness. So I say: “Print today. Print tomorrow. Print forever! Damn the spiraling debt torpedoes! Full speed ahead!

Michael Anenberg

Lake Havasu City

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