East Side would welcome Edgewood stadium -- Joe McNeil

December 16, 2018

A tale of two cities?

The reaction to athletic field lights proposed for Edgewood High School is a fascinating study of contrasts between the East and West sides of Madison.

In the 1990s, Oscar Mayer granted East Madison Little League rights to develop ball fields across from their (now former) headquarters and abutting the Eken Park neighborhood.

Over time, the little league worked to obtain approval of lights on four fields. From April to October, practices and games are played several times per week, over 100 nights a year -- right in the backyards of 20 Eken Park homes.

Whereas the East Side neighborhoods welcomed an increase in traffic, lights and crowd noise, the West Side Dungeon-Monroe neighborhood stands opposed to a handful of night games at Edgewood.

Many are suggesting noise and lights will impact the waterfowl and aquatic life of Lake Wingra half a mile away. If that’s true, we’ve all enjoyed our last concert on the UW-Madison Memorial Union Terrace.

I have hope that the Dungeon-Monroe neighborhood can embrace the Goodman Athletic Complex at Edgewood and look forward to the day when we are one city, not two.

Light it up and let them play.

Joe McNeil, Madison

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