Candidate Questionnaire: U.S. Senate

July 11, 2018

Note: These responses are unedited.

Keith Swank

Age: 50

Residence: Puyallup

Occupation: Seattle Police Captain

Education: B.S. Psychology University of Washington (1994)

Elected offices held: Precinct Committee Officer, Police Union Executive Officer (Vice President)

Elected offices sought: U.S. House of Representatives (2012), U.S. Senate 2018

Community involvement: Little League coach, Junior wrestling coach, Former member of Lions Club international, Fraternal Order of Eagles, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Member

Campaign website: keithswankforsenate.com

Why are you running for office? U.S. Senate

What is the single biggest issue facing the candidate who is elected to this position? Border security is the biggest issue facing America. A border wall is necessary for national security. A wall will help keep out the drug cartels, violent gangs, drugs, and illegal aliens that are invading our country.

How will you address it? I will vote to fund the wall and increase the numbers of border patrol agents.

Why should voters choose you? I am an Army airborne infantry veteran, and a veteran police commander. I have been wearing a uniform my entire adult life defending America and our communities. I will defend you in Washington, D.C.

What sets you apart from your opponents? We have a message that is not only good for Washingtonians, but it is good for America. You deserve to be safe. You deserve to keep more of your hard earned money. You deserve to have low cost and reliable energy. You deserve to have safe roads and bridges. You deserve to be able to protect yourself and your family. Pull the plug, drain the swamp.

Mike Luke

Age: 49

Residence: Snohomish County(Lynnwood/Brier area)

Occupation: Sales

Education: Some college

Elected offices held: none

Elected offices sought: US Senate, Fire district commissioner, county charter review commisssioner

Community involvement: A member of and currently the Vice chair and political director of the Snohomish County Libertarian party.

Campaign website: Mike Luke for US Senate

Why are you running for office? Simply put, I know the way things are now are not the way it is supposed to be. I know better and I can run.

What is the single biggest issue facing the candidate who is elected to this position? Addressing the over involvement of the federal government in our personal lives.

How will you address it? By repealing and sunsetting many federal laws. This will allow for terminating so many related and redundant federal agencies that only make things harder and more expensive.

Why should voters choose you? Instead of trying to micromanage the government like the other two party elected officials have tried to and failed over the decades to do, why not just start to remove government involvement in so many situations, I believe this is a fresh approach really untried.

What sets you apart from your opponents? The fresh approach of eliminating government not trying to grow it or thinking it can be run better. My positions on the issues really set me apart, which can be seen at my website: On the Issues

Matthew Heines

Age: 54

Residence: Redmond, Washington. Grew up in Sequim.

Occupation: Teacher, author, business owner,

Education: Masters Secondary Education

Elected offices held: 0

Elected offices sought: United States Senate

Community involvement: LDS Church, American Legion

Campaign website: heines4senate.com

Why are you running for office? I am the best person for the position based upon my education and real world experience.

What is the single biggest issue facing the candidate who is elected to this position? The single biggest issue facing me is getting the rest of Congress and the President to get on board with Washington State’s agenda, or what I call my Real Deal.

How will you address it? I will use YouTube and social media to keep not only my constituents, but also the rest of the world updated on my progress to provide a better future for our nation’s young people. Any politicians who don’t want to play ball will be outed on a weekly basis and they can explain to their constituents why they favor student death, or debt, incarcerating poor people for marijuana and replacing Americans with foreign, cheaper labor. I will not stop until I have bills passed that cover my Real Deal in its original form.

Why should voters choose you? I am the only hope the voters have got to have someone who understands what is really going on in Washington and who has nothing to lose in trying to get a better deal for our State and our Nation. The question is, which person do you want standing outside on watch in the nation’s capitol, the samo samo or the Real Deal.

What sets you apart from your opponents? First of all, I’m the best looking. I am the only one who actually has the education and the understanding of how our government works behind the scenes to keep from being railroaded by pacs and corporations. I am respected around the world as an author and a teacher. I also have experience in the military in the elite forces. I can make informed decisions on many things and I am able to communicate my ideas.

Jennifer (Gigi) Ferguson

Age: 60

Residence: University Place

Occupation: Mental Health

Education: Masters in Psychology with emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy, Human Services, Case Management.

Elected offices held: WA State Progressive Caucus Executive Board member at large 2017. University Place Soccer; Appointed to Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Chapter Social Action Chair 2014-2018, State Social Action Coordinator, 2017-current, Regional Social Action Rep for WA State 2017-current and other Regional Positions working with young boys and men 2015-2017. Pierce County Sex Trafficking Task Force 2016,

Elected offices sought: US House CD 10

Community involvement: Everything listed above, I-1600 Universal Health Care, No Methanol in Tacoma, No LNG in Tacoma, protesting #NoDAPL and #NoTPP across Western, WA, lobbying in Olympia with Delta, Washiing Housinng Alliance, & Faith Action Network. Lobbying with Delta in DC since 2011. Volunteering with soldiers with acute mental health problems such as PTSD @ Madigan, Red Cross for mental health. Children Services for over 20 years. Hiring at risk youth. Japaneese exchange family.

Campaign website: GigiForSenate.US

Why are you running for office? The same issues my grandmother fought for, my cousins went to jail for and I was bussed to White schools for, we are now fighting for the 98% instead of just Black people. The same issues President John F Kennedy and Rev. DR. Martin Luther King Jr. were killed fighting for, we are still fighting for.

We need people in office not beholden to corporations or parties but the people. We need people more concerned about people over money and power. We have become a democracy where people are ruled by corporations. Our Constitution says we are a Republic where people have the power. We need people in office to be the voice of the people to bring power back to the people. I have accepted the challenge.

I believe my work as a therapist, community involvement, education and life experience gives me a broader perspective to bring to the Senate. My race and sex brings us closer to proportional representation. I am seeking this office for change and I have experience working against the tide and making it through.

Rebecca Smith

Age: Old enough to be a U.S. Senator

Residence: Washington State

Education: Master of Aeronautical Science (ERAU) Aviation Education, Human Factors, Management, Space Studies

Elected offices held: US Army Reserve Electrician. US Navy and FAA Air Traffic Controller.

Elected offices sought: U.S. Senator.

Community involvement: Mother of three educated, self-supporting children. Health and education are important to me (google: Bioinitiative 2012).

Campaign website: RCSmightForSenate.com

Why are you running for office? To support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

What is the single biggest issue facing the candidate who is elected to this position? Unconstitutional laws and legislation.

How will you address it? Effectively.

Why should voters choose you? To get it done.

What sets you apart from your opponents? Tacit knowledge of biological effects of electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic field interactions with the human body, the effect of microwaves on the central nervous system, and constitutional and human rights violations by ubiquitous imposition of toxic agents into the environment and health of nations.

Tim Owen

Age: 54

Residence: Mukilteo

Occupation: Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Program Finance Estimator

Education: Neenah High School, Neenah, WI; B.A. History, Bethel College, St. Paul, MN, 1986; Cert. in International Economics, Handelshögskolan i Stockholm, 1996; MBA Finance & MIS, University of Minnesota; 1999

Elected offices held: Sr. Class President, Neenah H.S., Neenah, WI

Elected offices sought: U.S. Senate

Community involvement: Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts; Awana; Middle School Sunday School; Quaker Oats / Montgomery Ward Cabrini Green After School Program

Campaign website: Under construction. I keep touch with a few friends through a facebook group, Owen4USSenate.

Why are you running for office? The State of Washington is entitled to a U.S. Senator who represents Washington, with scholarship, fairness, and impartiality, and who works to preserve our Classical Liberal, Constitutional, Federal Republic.

What is the single biggest issue facing the candidate who is elected to this position? Intellectual Property security. Nuclear proliferation can be dealt with summarily, if needed, and conventional military imbalances re-balanced relatively quickly. The transfer of a millennium of scientific and technological knowledge, and the industrial base which transforms knowledge into civilian and military goods, endangers the security and safety of the United States. An existential threat.

How will you address it? A difficult question, first raised in the early 1990s. The prospect of China’s industrial modernization (begun under Deng) became a concern then, because Communist China did not recognize international law -- whether in trade, patents, or seas. A very long period (decades) of IP theft was anticipated, including manufacturing process IP theft. Open societies could only mitigate damage through private sector security. A more aggressive, offensive effort is needed from the National Security Agency, as well as domestic awareness.

Why should voters choose you? I’m well educated in business, international economics, and technology. Also, I have private sector experience in manufacturing, utilities, insurance, banking, and construction. I understand the roles of private enterprise, civic society, and government, and how these must work together to keep our nation and citizens internationally competitive.

What sets you apart from your opponents? I’ve lived in a few states, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois, and in England and Sweden. Education, similarly was in national and international settings. Corporate experience has exposed me to many industries, and to best (and worst) practices. I enjoy reading history, especially recent historical discoveries, and about advances in science, aerospace, technology, and medicine. And, I have accepted no contributions to my campaign, even individual offers. I pledged to represent Washington, no one else, no ideology, no lobby.

Steve Hoffman

Age: ​60​

Residence: ​Seattle

Occupation: ​Heating and Air-Conditioning Electrician​

Education: ​Some college​

Elected offices held: ​Recording secretary, WFSE Local 304​

Elected offices sought:​ U.S. Senate​

Community involvement: Shop Steward, WFSE Local 304, Delegate to Martin Luther King County Labor Council, Member of Organized Workers for Labor Solidarity, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists

Campaign website: ​votesocialism.com ​

Why are you running for office?​ ​Times are very difficult for working and poor people these days. Our unions, civil rights and liberties, and the public services we need are all under siege. Workers need a union militant like me in Congress who will fight for them. I’m running because working folks have to fight for ourselves and stop counting on the parties of big business who are not defending us. I will fight for solutions that will unify working and poor people around the globe and actually help them, as opposed to dividing them and causing them harm as other politicians do with their scapegoating and hyper-nationalism.

What is the single biggest issue facing the candidate who is elected to this position?​ ​Washington needs a senator who will fight single-mindedly to help workers, family farmers and small-business folks, students, immigrants, and poor and homeless people survive and flourish. Maria Cantwell is not that person. She continues to vote to expand the military budget and Homeland Security. She also placed profits above workers’ needs and rights with approval for fast-tracking the Trans-Pacific Partnership. She opposes Medicare for all and has co-authored legislation that expands fracking and natural gas production on public lands and in coastal waters.

How will you address it?​ ​My campaign calls for closing U.S. military bases around the world and retraining soldiers for peacetime production. I want to create a foreign policy based on solidarity among workers of all countries. I also believe in nationalizing the energy industry under workers’ control to transition away from fossil fuels. I want to heavily tax the ​wealthy ​and ​large ​corporations to increase Social Security and to fund universal, free healthcare, childcare, college and public housing.

Why should voters choose you?​ ​​​I will work to build an economy that truly benefits working and poor people. I will turn the tables on the rich who have had their boot on the neck of workers for too long. ​Stopping “right-to-work” laws and strengthening unions, fighting for affirmative action, stopping deportations and disbanding ICE, enforcing strong laws against sexist, racist and anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination, and expanding access to abortion and employer paid reproductive healthcar​e.

What sets you apart from your opponents?​ I am a worker representing workers, not a millionaire representing billionaires. I will not take campaign contributions from corporations and I will not serve their interests in the Senate. I am a working class feminist and unionist who will be blunt about what it will take to defend workers and win a more just society.

Glen R Stockwell

Age: 68

Residence: Ritzville WA but will soon be Arlington WA

Occupation: Retired

Education: 3 Master Degrees

Elected offices held: City Council

Elected offices sought: US Senate

Community involvement: Served on City Council, Economic Development Chairman, Little League Coach and Local Food Bank

Campaign website: http://www.washingtonstateeconomicdevelopment.com/

Why are you running for office? To bring the largest economic development and jobs project to WA State in 70 years and keep Boeing from moving to China!


How will you address it? I will be running the Senate office as our nation’s 1ST TOTALLY BIPARTISAN SENATE OFFICE and hiring Republicans, Democrats, and Tea Party office staff!

Why should voters choose you? I have a history of bringing people together to work on solutions! Our country is being torn apart minute by minute 24/7/365 and by bringing people together in Congress we can lead by example! I will bring Senator Patty Murray, the Democrat Caucus and the Republican Caucus leaders together by forming the “Washington State Green Team”!

What sets you apart from your opponents? If you would elect me to office, I will be going to WA DC with a well proven solution initiated by President Franklin D Roosevelt 70 years ago! By asking President Trump to sign My 3 Executive Orders that will provide total funding with preexisting revenues and no new taxes for “Fast Track Completion of the Columbia Basin, Snake River, Yakima Basin, Horse Heavens and Expansion of our WA Ports by 2025”! These project completions will benefit WA State and our Nation for the next Century! I will also be working to keep Boeing from moving any part of it’s operation to China like GM ended up being owned by China too (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lvl5Gan69Wo)!

GoodSpace Guy

Age: Goodspaceguy, candidate for US Senate, is 79 years young and will be 80 in this year of 2018.

Residence: Seattle Washington is one of Goodspaceguy’s residences and his election headquarters.

Occupation: Goodspaceguy works as an owner and as an improver.

Education: University educated in Germany, Sweden, and America, Goodspaceguy has Earned a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree and more than an extra year of credit. Goodspaceguy has studied many subjects including business and economics, and therefore over the years he has become prosperous.

Elected offices held: Goodspaceguy’s message of orbital space colonization and a movement upward with the free market toward a higher living standard for the workers hasbeen rejected by the voters in 18 different years.

Elected offices sought: State Representative, King County Council Member, King County Executive, US Representative to Congress, US Senator to Congress, Port of Seattle Commissioner, Governor of Washington State and now again US Senator to Congress

Community involvement: Goodspaceguy has been recommending again and again that we significantly raise the living standard of the workers by economically moving more toward the free market and technically by beginning the coming orbital space colonization around our Earth so that we can learn how to live in space before other nations do so and before going to Mars.

Campaign website: colonizespace.blogspot.com

Why are you running for office? Having noticed unemployed, homeless people, and having studied space, business, profit, and economics, I, Goodspaceguy, know that the living standard can be raised significantly. But the big spenders who are usually elected to office just don’t make these big changes and so the same problems continue year after year.

What is the single biggest issue facing the candidate who is elected to this position? The moving of our civilization up into our solar system.

How will you address it? I am advocating that we learn how to live in Earth Orbital Space before going on to Mars.

Why should voters choose you? In junior high school, I, Goodspaceguy, predicted our Moon Landing. But prior to this achievement of landing on our Moon, our American elected leadership was so uninterested in space that the backward Soviet Union became the first nation in space in 1957 with the Soviet launching of Sputnik, the world’s first human-made satellite. We Americans have the knowledge. We Americans can be the first to begin the colonization of space. Why should we wait again to be in second place.

What sets you apart from your opponents? I have become prosperous by being a small spender who searches for the lesser cost methods of doing things. I have lived in Europe and learned to read German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and a little Spanish and French. I advocate that people think of our Earth as a spaceship, traveling in orbit around our Sun and with our Sun. I am also claiming that the Free Market Economy can raise the living standard the most, while the Command Economy of Socialism uses force to produce stagnation.

Dave Strider

Age: older than dirt

Residence: Tacoma

Occupation: retired/disabled Marine

Education: ITIL Certified

Elected offices held: none

Elected offices sought: US Senate

Community involvement: Always helping a neighbor

Campaign website: davestiderforussenate.com

From there you can connect with all my platforms and while on the .com site I have translation available for those watching the election outside the US. You have to understand PEOPL are afraid of us. That is wrong! we are a Republic, “for which it stands ...”, not an empire like many want to be.

Why are you running for office? I will not lie to you and tell you I will get back with you , or sorry I don’t have enough information. I don’t trust any of the candidates or the incumbent to get done what is at hand. 2016 revealed blatant disregard for the people and revealed a 21th century game of thrones. Working in the Military Court system. I learned, sedition and treason.

What is the single biggest issue facing the candidate who is elected to this position? I took an oath to protect and serve the people not a party. Not listing to the people and having fear. the mani reason I have seen it all and now it is time to have the lies to the people stop.

How will you address it? NO DEALS Unless the people win and the 1% pay fair share. Too many deals where they won and the people lost.

Why should voters choose you? I will not lie to you, I will tell you straight up. I call it like it is /being a Marine and having the responsibility to make sure “Johnny”, gets home.

What sets you apart from your opponents? I am the only candidate that has taken on the federal government, all branches of it , Chief of Staff, DOD, USN, USMC, NC and did it without an attorney. I am a fighter, the odds don’t matter it is the truth.

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