Bringing bathrooms up to date

March 17, 2019

Often the bathroom is the forgotten room that never gets an update. Many times this is due to the expense and the mess of just such a project. Even so there are ways of pulling it into the 21st century by adapting a few current trends that don’t break the bank or become a major renovation.

One of the easiest changes is color and as one peruses many of the home interior magazines and websites it is notable that the muted grays and neutral colors are still a favorite. Coinciding with that trend is another that calls for adding matte black accents to a bathroom. Perhaps the black accent could be black hardware that suggests a unique but sleek look in the appearance of the room. Maybe just changing up the space with black towels and other inexpensive accessories could do the trick. An accent is just that a small but significant change that can update the space.

If your bathroom hasn’t had any attention paid to it for a number of years, one easy update is with a vanity refurbishing or replacement. Depending on one’s purse the vanity makeover could be just a bit of paint or something new and innovative. Check out the newer bathrooms online to see what is being offered and perhaps what you have can be made over to resemble it. Another option that seems to be trendy is adapting an interesting chest or dresser as a vanity - just such a piece might already reside in your attic. A little elbow grease can go a long way toward keeping up with today’s dcor.

Hang a picture! This is a simple way of adding a bit of color and interest to what is often a windowless room. Check out tag sales and online auctions for something that would fit your style yet wouldn’t empty your wallet. Due to the moisture in the air of most bathrooms one wouldn’t want to put a priceless piece of art on the wall however an in vogue print could liven up the space.

Try to splurge on some element that says luxury in this intimate space. Investing in one of the high-tech toilets that is heated, self-cleaning and Wi-Fi connected might hurt most anyone’s cash flow but there is an alternative. Perhaps a toilet seat that opens and closes automatically and is priced reasonably could deliver a similar 21st Century update. Another splurge that might offer a feeling of the modern age but not be over the top in expense is a towel warmer. For a few hundred dollars one could have a warm toasty towel as they climb out of the shower each morning. Think of alternatives that are not so expensive but definitely have the modern vibe.

Lighting in a bathroom is all important and should come in layers. Perhaps this is one time asking an expert to visit and recommend where lights should be mounted is a good idea. We know that lighting on either side of the vanity mirror is good but where else should lights go in your particular space. Perhaps a recessed light is needed in the shower or a chandelier in the center of the room. If nothing else draw a diagram of your bathroom and take it with you as you shop for new lighting.

Revive your tired bathroom a little at a time but along the way take advantage of the budget friendly changes that can say you have taken note of the latest trends in this space. Refreshing your bathroom is not only good for property values but for your mind set as well.