Donald Trump: ‘I was never planning’ on health care vote prior to 2020 election

April 3, 2019

President Trump said Wednesday he “was never planning” on issuing a replacement to Obamacare prior to the 2020 election, adding a plan is in development and will be used as a “campaign issue” next year.

“I was never planning a vote prior to the 2020 Election on the wonderful HealthCare package that some very talented people are now developing for me the Republican Party. It will be on full display during the Election as a much better less expensive alternative to ObamaCare,” Mr. Trump tweeted.

“This will be a great campaign issue. I never asked Mitch McConnell for a vote before the Election as has been incorrectly reported (as usual) in the @nytimes, but only after the Election when we take back the House etc. Republicans will always support pre-existing conditions,” he continued.