Share your Danbury memories in library’s history project

February 8, 2019

DANBURY — Anyone with a memory or story about the Hat City is encouraged to share it through the Danbury Library’s Oral History Project.

The project is “relatively new,” according to digital services librarian Amanda Gilbertie, and the goal is to capture the voices and experiences of past and present Danbury residents by having them record their stories in the library’s studio.

The stories will be archived as part of the library’s permanent digital collection.

“We want this to be an ongoing project, but we’re also hoping that people participate sooner than later so we have enough content for our 150th anniversary celebration,” Gilbertie said.

The library plans to hold a weeklong 150th anniversary celebration in June. A short portion of the Oral History Project will be presented and made public on the library’s website as part of the celebration.

Those who want to contribute to the Oral History Project but cannot visit the library’s recording studio may submit audio or video electronically, Gilbertie said. Typed submissions, as well as pictures and other Danbury-related mementos, can also be submitted.

Gilbertie said a few people have already recorded stories for the project, including one man who talked about evacuating his elementary school when bombs went off on Main Street in 1970.

On Wednesday, Mayor Mark Boughton recorded a video for the project.

In his video, Boughton said he “shared a lot about growing up in Danbury” and “how we were a city, but everyone knew everyone else.”

Boughton said he also shared memories of the “old party line telephones,” as well as the Blizzard of 1978, when he was a paperboy for The News-Times.

Those interested in recording stories and memories for the project can schedule an appointment by calling 203-797-4505, ext. 7739.

For more information, email dplrecording@danburylibrary.org or call 203-797-4505, ext. 7726.

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