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Sheep to Be Prop in Play Goes on Lam

August 21, 2003

CLINTON, Iowa (AP) _ One of the Good Shepherd’s sheep went on the lam.

A sheep that was meant to be a prop in a Bible school production was still missing nearly a week after it ran away from a church in this eastern Iowa town.

The two sheep in the Chancy Lutheran Church’s rendition of ``The Good Shepherd″ were in a pen for about 10 minutes before showtime when they got scared and hopped over the fence, said Sandy Mussman, who supervised the play.

The production was being put on by preschoolers through 13-year-olds as they capped two-weeks of Bible school. The first act, ironically, was titled ``The Lost Sheep.″

Mussman and her two children ran through the city chasing the escaped sheep.

``At one point, we passed a lady who was out in her yard,″ Mussman said. ``She said ’Did I just see what I thought I saw?‴

One of the animals was corralled by neighbors near Clinton Community College.

The other sheep was still missing Wednesday, said Margie Andersen of DeWitt. She and her husband, Leroy, own the sheep.

Some people had reported seeing the animal around town. Police almost captured it Sunday under the U.S. Highway 30 bridge.

Mussman said police believe the sheep may still be in that area and have left food there to lure it into a cage.

The church’s pastor spent a few nights looking for the sheep, she said.

``When people asked what he was looking for he’d say ’A lost sheep,‴ Mussman said. ``Then he’d have to tell them he really was looking for a lost sheep, that he wasn’t looking for sinners.″

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