PHILADELPHIA (AP) _ Nine current or former judges said they received cash gifts of $300 or more from leaders of a construction union, according to court documents.

Two other judges invoked their Fifth Amendment right against self- incriminati on in response to questions about gifts from Roofers Union Local 30-30B received in 1985.

The documents were filed Thursday with the state Supreme Court.

The disclosures come as the FBI investigates allegations that officials of the Roofers Union received kickbacks from fees paid to a Philadelphia law firm and then used the funds to make payments to public officials, including Philadelphia Common Pleas Court and Municipal Court judges.

Until Thursday, Joseph P. Braig of Common Pleas Court was the only judge who had admitted receiving money from the Roofers Union. He described the transaction as an exchange of Christmas gifts between his family and the family of Steve Traitz Jr., the union's business manager.

The current and former judges reported gifts from $300 to $500 apiece.

According to the documents, the gifts came from Traitz, the Roofers Union or Tom Brown, identified as a former court officer who has been associated with the union.

One focus of the FBI investigation, according to court documents, is the financial relationship between Roofers Union Local 30-30B and the law firm of Bloom, Ocks, Fisher & Anderson, which provided legal services to union members.

Seymour Kurland, chancellor-elect of the Philadelphia Bar Association, was critical Thursday of the judges who had accepted cash gifts from the Roofers Union. He called on the Judical Inquiry and Review Board to investigate.

''The appearance of a judge taking cash gifts is improper,'' Kurland said. ''They are people charged with ensuring the integrity of our justice system.''