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Shotgun-wielding Veteran Holds Off Montana Police

May 2, 1985

MISSOULA, Mont. (AP) _ A shotgun-wielding veteran holed up in an apartment for more than four hours Wednesday, firing randomly from a third-story window before being taken into custody, police said.

The man was apprehended shortly after 8 p.m., apparently without resistance. No injuries were reported.

The man had kept police at bay since late afternoon, when he first began firing a shotgun out the window. Occasional shots continued into the evening, witnesses said.

Police negotiated with the man for several hours trying to talk him into surrendering, Police Capt. Donald Millhouse said.

More that 30 officers stood by, including a special weapons and tactics squad, while negotiators tried to coax the man into giving up his weapon, Millhouse said.

The man was in an apartment in a building one block from the center of downtown.

He had been treated previously at a Veteran’s Administration hospital, Millhouse said, but did not say for what or what branch of the service he had served.

Police were called to the scene shortly before 4 p.m. by two women who reported a man brandishing a gun and what appeared to be dynamite sticks, Millhouse said.

When police arrived, the man fired several shots with a shotgun, Millhouse said.

An undetermined number of shots was fired during the first two hours of the standoff but they diminished after negotiators made contact with the man.

The dynamite turned out to be flares, Millhouse said. The man threw several flares out the apartment window and another into a downstairs apartment, where it started a small fire that was extinguished by firefighters, he said.

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